Cheap Houston Auto Locksmith?

There are many
auto locksmith companies
advertising  cheap prices
as low as $19.

Once they arrive, you will discover that you owe them $29.95 and they haven’t even quoted you a price for the work.  A reputable Humble or Houston Auto locksmith should be able to quote you a firm price over the phone.  Unless there is damage to the vehicle they will be able to tell you what it will cost for car door unlocking or lost key replacement.

The cheap  price gets your attention, and they may tell you that the initial fee will be applied to your final bill.   In reality, you will end up paying more for the service because once they are in front of you, you already owe them money.
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A similar scam runs the same type of bait and switch.  What’s more is that these companies are often run by NON U. S. BORN INDIVIDUALS who pull this type of scheme through out the US.  For more info on these types of scams see Rip Off Report

To make sure you have a reputable Humble auto locksmith:

Look for a  B NUMBER prominently posted on the website. That is the license number issued by The State Of Texas and it is required to be listed on all forms of advertising.If a company  does not show their license number, it probably does not have one. This B NUMBER can be inserted into the Texas DPS website and allows you to check if the Humble auto locksmith is licensed and their insurance is up to date.

Call Hopperlock 281-507-3219.  This Automotive Locksmith Service will give you a fair and firm quote to make a new set of  your lost keys or perform your lockout service.

cheap Houston auto locksith

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